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At MY FIT MONTH a NEW workout challenge unlocks each month! Each challenge comes with a NEW schedule & 20 NEW workouts to take on!*

All challenge workouts are just 20 minutes. Quick, effective and do-able for busy lifestyles! With an emphasis on strength training using dumbbells and a small space, these workouts are perfect for doing at home.

The workouts are in real-time with modifications, encouragement and motivation provided throughout, it feels like we’re working out in the same room together!

Each workout comes with a quick warm up & cool down so all you’ve got to do is turn up, press play and get ready to smash those workouts together!

At MFM there are 4 main workout types and each month you’ll unlock a NEW workout style. Expect so much variety so that you’ll never get bored, these workouts will keep you coming back for more and keep you progressing on your fitness journey!

You’ll also have access to the workout library which includes Full Body, Lower Body, Upper Body, Abs, HIIT, 20 min & 10 min (mini) workouts to do at your leisure.

*Recommended to complete x5 workouts per week across 4 weeks but you can take as long as needed to complete a challenge.

See more about the challenges here.


Sculpt is a strength focused session using dumbbells. Expect longer working sets so that we can get those all-important challenging reps in and focus on strengthening and sculpting those muscles!


Lean is a combination of strength & conditioning in a superset style workout! We’ll get both muscles and heart rate pumping in this full body feel good workout!


Tone is a total body circuit style workout using bodyweight + glute resistance band for extra burn. Expect lots of mat focused work with an emphasis on glutes and core.


Move is a cardio focused session using bodyweight only, get ready for a massive boost of energy and endorphins. Also.. no repeats, ever! Woo!

The following new workouts styles will be unlocked with each corresponding challenge:


We're combining dumbbells and cardio moves for the ultimate full body workout to get you feeling FIT.


It's time to FLEX those muscles with this simple, yet oh so effective strength workout!


Time to FOCUS all your attention on this superset style workout. Dumbbells at the ready it's time to feel the burn!


Blitz by name, blitz by nature! Get ready to sweat with this total body tabata workout!


Let's BUILD some lean muscle & boost our metabolism with this strength focused workout!


Are you ready to feel the BURN? We're combining Strength & Dumbbell Cardio in this body torching workout!


Get ready to move with minimal rest in this 20 min constant cardio workout!


Shorter working periods but also shorter rest to get those muscles PUMPING in this circuit style session!


Get ready to unleash your inner POWER! You'll be ready for anything after this session!


Time to SHRED it! All about the cardio here, bring a towel and let's smash it together!


STRONG supersets is here to save the day! Time to forget about everything else & grab your dumbbells.. It's time to work!


Get ready to SLAY this session as we take on a mix of dumbbell & conditioning moves, AMRAP style!

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