My Fit Month

About MFM

Start your FIT journey with the MY FIT MONTH App today!

The MFM app is here to help you achieve your health & fitness goals! Providing you with everything you need all within one motivating app!

At MFM you can expect quick & effective follow-along workouts and monthly challenges that you will want to stick to! Certified trainer and app founder Nia will motivate you throughout and will push you at just the right times. Expect so much variety to keep it fun & interesting as we take on each month together!

Be amazed as one month turns into two, two months turns into three and three turns into a lifestyle!

When you become an MFM member you’ll receive EXCLUSIVE access to:

Workout & Challenges Library:

Workout ANYWHERE, ANYTIME with access to 100s of quick & effective workouts in your pocket!

Take on a monthly challenge or pick a workout from the on-demand library.

Workouts are in real-time & modifications are shown for all exercises making this app suitable for all levels. You will be guided & encouraged to achieve your best in each workout.


Plan out your healthy day with your own personal meal planner. Choose from 100s of delicious meals and snacks within the app or add in your own recipes/meals!

Filter recipes to suit your dietary requirements (Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free/Low Carb/High Protein)

Set your calories + macros goals within the app, as you add in your meals and snacks your totals will be updated to keep you on track towards your goals. (optional feature)

There is also a button to hide all calorie and macro information on recipes should you want to.


We’re all about accountability at MFM so you’ll receive that all-important green tick once you complete a workout. Taking part in a challenge? You’ll be able to see your progress in the challenge as you work through the monthly workouts!

Unlock achievements as you reach certain workout milestones! MOTIVATION and a nice reminder that you’re smashing it!

You’ll also be able to view your total workouts complete + total workout minutes!

Progress Tracker:

Keep track of your progress on your personal progress tracker. Add in your measurements, weight + progress pictures! Track your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly progress! The perfect accountability tool! (optional feature)


Our own community thread where we can keep in touch, motivate and encourage each other! Receive announcements of new challenges + weekly updates

Other Features:

Support Chat – We’re here for you + we’re in this together!

We look forward to training with you soon!!
Team MFM